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Here are some reviews from our clients in the past.
Macy W, Donna Destefano
"Donna and her team are great! I've been renting from her for almost a year and she's always taking care of me. Anytime something needs fixed she's had it done within 24 hours! She clearly cares about the property and the tenants. I would absolutely rent from or work with Donna again!"
Jennifer B, Donna Destefano
"I recently acquired an apartment rental through this realtor and was very pleased with the service and how they really went "the extra mile." I will definitely use this realtor in the future when I look for a home!"
Anonymous, Donna Destefano
"I recently relocated to Philadelphia from Minneapolis and needed an apartment in Center City. Donna was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable of the downtown area. I was very impressed with Donna's professionalism and her willingness to assist me with my transition to Philadelphia. I'm very happy with the service Donna provided and would gladly recommend her to anyone in need of a Broker in the Philadelphia area. Thanks again Donna!!"
Anonymous, Donna Destefano
"Donna, at PA RealtyWorks, is the ultimate go-to person. Not only did she sell my home -- in a few days' time! -- but she found a gorgeous new apartment for me, found a mover, helped me obtain moving supplies, and successfully negotiated a tricky financial problem of mine that no one had been able, or willing, to tackle. Donna always sees the big picture: she knows what has to be done, and does it, expediently and always with tremendous courtesy. She is an exceptional Realtor and, most important, an exceptional person. Go to Donna! She is, quite simply, the best."
Anonymous, Donna Destefano
"I recently purchased a property in Philadelphia with the help of Donna DeStefano (PA RealtyWorks) while living in Texas. Donna has been the most professional, ethical and conscientious professional that I have ever worked with in this field. Her communication skills and extensive knowledge of the real estate market were the keys to the smooth closing transaction, especially, without my presence. She made the purchase such a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Donna to anyone who is in the market for a new home."
Joshua Kerner and Rob D’Amico, Art Studio Owners
"Joshua Kerner and Rob D’Amico , Art Studio Owners It makes sense to start by saying that I cannot say enough good things about Donna. We joke that I owe her my first-born child for all the good things she has made happen for me. When I met Donna, she was still working for M&G. I was warehouse shopping in order to relocate my business (artists' studios and gallery). I had met with one of the principles there and he steered me toward one property and told me that the owner was next to impossible to deal with but if I was going to try for it that I should hook up with Donna DeStefano because she has the power to calm stormy waters. Donna proved her honesty and diplomacy to me in that first offer we put together. I didn't make a purchase at that time because the studios stayed where they were but when I started looking for a place to live I gave her another call. I am what is sometimes referred to as an "urban pioneer", a young artist that is moving gentrification north by going into rough neighborhoods and setting up shop. We make art, start little community improvement projects and try to generally affect the situation in our immediate surroundings to make life a little brighter for both our neighbors and ourselves.

Many of us live in large warehouse spaces that we use as live/work space. I didn’t want to live in a row home, which can be an issue in a city that is 90% row house. . Domestic spaces just don’t appeal to me.

Therefore, when we went looking I was specific and picky and didn't have a ton of money to spend.

Donna worked with me and really understood what I was looking for. It’s important for me that I work with someone that I trust and understands what I need. I get both of those things from working with Donna. I can always trust that she will tell me the truth, even if it’s not something that I want to hear. Another thing just to drive this home is that I have always felt like Donna and I were collaborating to get these deals done. I never felt like I was being "sold" like the used car salesman vibe that I had often received from many real estate sales people, which just makes me uncomfortable. Donna kept telling me to be patient. We looked at a few places and then this great building came up. It took up a few months to get the place under contract but now it's mine. For all intents and purposes, I purchased my dream house, a three story, 3600sq ft former machine shop, and it wouldn't have happened without Donna."